Symposion one:


April 5th 2017,  8 p.m. at Kastela Art Center:

A performance and debate on the (ir)relevance of the classical legacy
A role-playing game integrating Platos’ symposion into a temporary séance:

with Fiona Rae Brunner, Michael Edelson, Guy Féaux de la Croix, Petros Doukas, Yanis Varoufakis and others

As a political requests of leaders,  The relation to history through remembrance is one of the topic of this event, the thought of acting with in a utopian reference and a construction of dialogues. Consciousness of a horizontal hierarchy might as well be discussed in horizontal ways as in fact the symposion ONE refers to a temporary historical reference of a simulacrum. The origin of the discussion, eaten up with the arts and put into function through public action.

The symposion will be video taped and edited later as a documentary

Symposion two:

from The Selfish Gene to Click Bait

April 11th 2017,  4 p.m. at Kastela Art Center:
a debate curated by Warren Neidich and Hannes Brunner, with Andreas Angelidakis (architect), Ché Zara Blomfield (editor)Daniel Keller (artist), Petra Tomljanovic (curator), and Angelo Plessas (artist)

“A meme is an element of culture that may be considered to be passed on by non-genetic means esp. imitation. They can be metaphorically seen as a type of virus that transmits cultural information and thus memes support cultural evolution.”  Susan Blackmore

A headline from the online Washington Post dated March 3, 2017, reads, “From old photo to right-wing meme to Trump’s twitter: The journey of one Schumer/Putin pic.”   Another headline on the Daily Beast website reads, “How Pepe the Frog Became a Nazi Trump Supporter and Alt-Right Symbol.” An Egyptian deity Kek, an androgynous God of darkness and chaos, is often depicted as a frog or frog-headed man in male form called Pepe. On 4chan, an English language image board, the character Pepe the frog is a popular alt right Internet meme which is often posted. Pepe uses ancient Egyptian meme magic to influence the world. But what is an alt-right meme and what is meme magic?  Does it give us a clue to machinations of nefarious political media tactics claimed to have influenced the recent American election? Are memes used in Cognitive Capitalism, where the brain and mind are the new factories of the 21st century to engage the material brain now the sight of action of asymmetric power relations? Is the brain and biological networks the real sight of action of Fake News through such instruments as click bait that captures and manipulates our collective attention?  Trumps outlandish lies are a case in point? Do art practices as they shift more and more to engage the Internet, so called post-Internet art for example, expose and propose remedies to counter this impending nefarious condition? This symposium will begin to answer some of these questions. (Warren Neidich)

The symposia will be video taped and edited later as a documentary